• We're moving!

    Hello again!

    If you're reading this you will have found your way to my blog page - so thank you for showing an ineterest!

    Now much as love the Moonfruit platform, I'm not too keen on their blog system - it's a bit clumsy and doesn't look great. SO, I have moved it to to another site and and another platform!

    Still getting to grips with Wordpress so please excuse any wobbly bits - still ironing out a few issues - but it's looking a LOT better overall and is much easier to interact with. For a start you can comment from Facebook!

    SO here it is: http://www.dorisbrendelmusic.com/blog/

    Hope to see you there!



  • You know you're getting old when...

    Last night I was woken up by loud female screaching and giggling at 3am. I'd only just dropped off being a night owl and don't sleep well at the best of times, so this was exceedingly annoying.

    How people survive with noisy neighbours I will never know, and I have a HUGE amount of sympathy for them.

    Truth is, I live in a sleepy backwater, which is blissfully quiet, and young people generally can't afford the area - hence no students and general peace. Unfortunately young people can no longer afford to buy their own flats or even the rent required, and so are continuing to live with their parents. And these particular parents are evidently away allowing their 2 sons to run riot and invite their giggling girlfriends for sleepovers, no doubt plying themselves with booze first and deciding that screaming in the garden at 3am is somehow a good idea. Result, a week of partying and waking up half the street. I know they woke up my lodger who has to get up at 7am to go work. Grr.

    Now when exactly did I turn into this grumpy old bird? After all I'm no stranger to noise and lack of sleep - everytime we do some touring I have to share accommodation with the band and invariably people roll in drunk at all hours and someone always snores and as a light sleeper I don't get much rest. But it's always temporary. It's work. It's with the knowledge that I can catch up when I get back to my peaceful lair. Which is currently far from peaceful.

    In fact it's now hard to imagine that I behaved like that as a teenager, but of course I did. And generally mixed with alcohol which I think is at the root of most antisocial behaviour. Yes you've guessed it - I don't drink much anymore and haven't for a long time. Makes me feel ill and brings out the worst in me, so no point in doing something I no longer enjoy. Unfortunately most people I know (of all ages) still do and still demonstrate some of these antisocial traits we're all familiar with. But not to the extent of teenagers.

    I now have a serious disconnect to my teenage years. I know I was a complete nightmare. And I mean COMPLETE. But it's like looking at a past life, or a parallel existence, with little empathy for my behaviour and an overwhelming gratitude that I came out of it in one piece. No wonder then that I generally find teeagers extremely irritating, from the inane conversations ('ooh, I think he fancies me..) to the inexperience of knowing their limits and the extraordinary inconsideration towards others which I'm told is hormonal. That doesn't make it any more palatable.

    Yup - I've become the grumpy git next door! Perhaps I'll eventually morph into the old lady who whacks people across the shins with my walking stick....



  • Does Rock music make you more civilised?

    Now I'm not talking about us old grungies who got into rock music when it was hip and cool and everyone had long hair. I'm talking about the young rock fan of 2014.

    It is every teenagers duty to become enamoured with music their parents hate. It's all part of the natural rebellion and carving of youths independence. In my day this was painfully easy. Even the rather inoffensive sounds of the Beatles would engender the desired pained expression and I had a seemingly endless collection of genres which would cause similar distress. Perhaps this is why I have such varied tastes today.

    Not so with today's teenagers. What do you do when your parents listen to pop and rock music already? We have Gansta Rap of course and Death Metal which even hardened rock loving parents would cringe at, and in the last decade the endless 'thump thump' music whose bass will penetrate the thickest of walls and double-glazing. Each era has it's 'commercial norm' and the overproduced 'thump thump' variety rules the roost currently. There are of course always a small selection of teenagers who don't rebel as thoroughly as others and pick the singer-songwriter genre, perhaps with a bit of swearing thrown in to raise the odd eyebrow.

    Well the following observation is as unscientific as it gets, and based on a couple of neighbours/friends with 2 teenage sons (now about 18-20 respectively). In each case the older brother is the more studious, the more sensible, the more pleasant and currently more productive. The younger brothers are jack-the-lads, drive like lunatics, make a lot of noise and seemingly do as little as possible. Now this is where it gets interesting! Both older brothers picked rock music as their genre of choice, admittedly of the very heavy variety (but they'll mellow as they get older), and the younger brothers play their thumping rap and club music at ear-shattering volumes wherever they go. An interesting parallel with possibly no significance whatsoever.

    I think it unlikely that the music itself affects character, certainly not judging by some of the rock fans from my youth. But then rock is no longer du jour. So perhaps rock is picked by the more introspective youth, whereas the mainstream will be more appealing to the kind of social animal who wants to party and to fit in with the norm. Rock certainly isn't dead as some proclaim - not if there is a place for it within young personalities. I'm hoping that if enough parents in our future generation will listen to mainstream dance music, their children will revert to something more musical. Or perhaps this is already happening...

    Would love to know if anyone else can back up my analogy... or more probably blow it out of the water..



  • Hello World!!

    The blog is go....



  • Independence

    So here I am with my first blog post and I'm strangely at odds as to what to write about. My mind is being pulled in too many directions.

    But with the looming possibility of Scottish Independence on the horizon I seem to have homed in on that word and what it means to me.

    Firstly - I am fiercely independent. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for living in a society in which I, as a female, can choose whether or not to have children, who I'm dating and what I'm doing with my life. Lucky indeed.

    Similarly I admire independent and non-conformist people - my close friends all fall into that category. People who aren't afraid to have their own take on life, are rather eccentric and have strong personalities. Taking that they also have a strong moral code (no Alistair Crowley fans in my circle).

    Musically too, I like independent thinkers. People who don't feel they need to be part of a 'tribe' to dictate their tastes. And of course I would say that, being eclectic to the extreme. Perhaps we are all part of a tribe after all: the 'Independence Tribe' who rarely agree on anything apart from being open-minded.

    Strange then that I cannot see the benefits of Scotland setting out on its own. Surely when it comes to society as a whole we will always be stronger together. Stronger in trade, in support, in cohesion. The thought of countries breaking off into smaller and smaller chunks strikes me as terribly regressive. Whatever your views on Europe - and yes, there are many things which need to be radically improved - it has kept wars at bay for many many years. I know I won't see global cohesion in my lifetime, but surely this is something to strive for. Then we can each be an independent entity within a working whole.

    Thank you for reading this and feel free to chip in.




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