Doris Brendel's Acoustic side project will be available for pre-order soon for a pre-Christmas release.


With Lee Dunham busily producing the upcoming album 'Mass Hysteria' and no touring planned until January 2020, Doris decided to overcome her recording phobia by embarking on a new writing project. Only having 1 microphone and a computer, she knew this would be a very 'live' project. So it was vital to have strong lyrical concepts. The collection is certainly thought provoking and at times absurd. It also has elements of sheer beauty.

This CD is classed by Doris Brendel as a 'side project', and you won't find it on spotify or Amazon. It's an exclusive limited edition release available on this website only.

'Imaginary World' is a collection of 10 brand new acoustic songs recorded by Doris herself and mixed by Jordan Brown. Tracks have been recorded live with no studio trickery. As ever, the content is highly eclectic featuring everything from ballads to downright satire.

'' This project has been a little terrifying for me. I don't 'do' recording. That is the purview of producers like Lee and Jordan. They have studios and experience - I do not. I've always been the ideas person. But what do you do when you have too many ideas and a little time on your hands? Well - it's this. As a mediocre guitarist I had my work cut out. I just hope that people can hear past my lack of expertise to the ideas behind it.''


Release - before Christmas! Date TBC