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Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham - Not Utopia

A magical collaboration between acclaimed singer/song-writer Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham, producer and multi-instrumentalist. 

Eclectic as ever, with touches of rock, pop, folk and dance, ''Not Utopia'' is a kaleidoscope of sound and mood, featuring Brendel's unique raw rock vocal over a range of instruments and stunning production. Loosely described as progressive pop and even Lady Gaga meets Alice in Wonderland by some, Brendel remains in a class of her own.


''Shockingly Awesome'' 
(Your Music Blog NL)

''..hit the play button at your own peril for infectious melodies are abound and hooks that'll be in your head forevermore.''
(Metal Discovery) 

'' Doris Brendel is back and even better than ever..''
(Keep Music Live)

''..another proof of her exceptional talent.''

“Not Utopia” makes for Lady Gaga territory armed with the mighty stick of superior talent..''


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